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Laser Level Marker
The YAMAYO 534-010 Three-Line Laser generates one horizontal and two 360° vertical lines plus plumb down point for level, plumb, align and square applications. Equipped with a 360° rotational base and a durable belt pouch that helps users quickly layout the job, with precision. The base has manual fine adjustment, which allows easy setup and convenient viewing of the laser point on the floor, the 360° rotational base helps users effectively set right angles up to 10 meters without having to reset. 5/ ” Thread mount provided 8 for use with a tripod, The Smart Pendulum System self-levels and beeps when out-of-level condition.
Order No. 534-010
Laser Wavelength Vertical/Horizontal 635nM, Plumb Down Point 650nM
Range Radius 10M
Range of Auto Self Level Setting ±3°
Launch Angle ≥110°
Control Mode Gravity Pendulum / Magnetic Damping
Horizontal Accuracy ±1mm/5M
Vertical Accuracy ±1mm/5M
Right Angle (90°) Accuracy ±0.025° (±1mm/3M)
Plumb Down Point Accuracy ±1mm/1.5M
Orthogonal Accuracy ±1mm/3M
Working Environment Indoors and Outdoors
Working Temprature –10°C... + 45°C
Material Metal
Size Ø: 100mm* H: 175mm
Weight 1.75Kg (including battery)
Accessories included Laser light visibility enhancement glasses,
(3) AA Batteries, Aluminium carrying case, belt, Strap
(Unit: mm)
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