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TR-200 (Advance) Surface Roughness Tester
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TR-200 (Advance) Surface Roughness Tester
The YAMAYO BLISS TR-200 (ADVANCE) is a high accuracy surface roughness tester that can test as many as 13 roughness parameters it is equipped with probe position indicator and can be connected with printer via Bluetooth (code ISR-C100-Printer), YAMAYO BLISS TR-200 (ADVANCE) can display roughness values, profile and curve, it has a maximum memory storage of 100 readings and turns power off automatically. YAMAYO BLISS TR-200 (ADVANCE) can be operated wireless and simultaneously by a mobile phone or computer and can also provide wireless print for more convenience.
Adjustable stand Adjustable stand (included)
Probe coverProbe cover (included)
Technical Parameters
Parameters: Ra, Rz, Ry, Rp, Rm, Rt, R3z, Rmaz, Sk, S, Sm, tp
Range: 160 μm
Accuracy: ±10%
Resolution (Ra): 0.001μm
Probe: Type: inductive
Stylus radius/range: 5 μm/900
Stylus material: diamond
Measuring force: 0.4mN
Measuring unit: μm/μin
Cut off: 0.25/0.8/2.5mm
Number of cut-offs: 1 to 5
Traverse speed: 0.5mm/s, 1mm/s
Memory: 100 measurement results
Output: USB
Power: built-in rechargeable battery
Dimension (L x W x H): 140x52x48mm
Weight: 440g
Standard Accessories: Main unit: 1pc, Calibration Block: 1pc,
Calibration support: 1pc, Adjustable
stand:1pc, Probe cover: 1pc, USB
cable and software: 1pc, AC/DC
adaptor: 1pc, Presurf Mobile 1.0: 1pc.
Optional Accessory: Extension rod(code ER 100), Curved surface probe (code RS 110), Groove probe 3mm (code RS 130), Deep groove probe 10mm (code RS 131), Advanced software (Presurf-10), Test stand (TS 620), Printer (code PRT100, 200, 300)
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