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TR-310 Surface Roughness Tester
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TR-310 Surface Roughness Tester
1. Main Unit   2. Calibration Block   3. Calibration Support   4. USB Cable   5. Instruction Manual
  • Checks roughness of metal and non-metalic surface
  • Select from Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt parameters
  • Features external calibration on keyboard
  • Uses high speed mircroprocessor DSP
  • Double OLED Screens
  • Data output USB Port
  • Large measuring range suitable for most materials
  • Measures flat, outer cylinder and slopping surface
  • Rechargeable Lithinm battery 3.7V
  • Mobile phone support APP
Wireless and Simultaneous
operations by mobile phone
Technical Parameters
Recharge parameter: Ra,Rz, Rt, Rq
Tracing length: 6mm
Tracing speed: 1.0mm/sec
Resolution (Ra): 0.001μm
Cut-off lengths: 0.25mm/4.0mm/5.0mm
Measuring range: Ra, Rq: 0.05-10.0µm and Rz, Rt: 0.1-50
Accuracy: 1.01m
Repeatability: <12%
Radius and angle of the stylus point: 3.7V Li-ion battery
Recharging time: 3hours
Operating temperature: 20-40°C
Relative humidity: <90%
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 110mmX81mmX32mm
Weight: 150g
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